Solid Works Course In Chandigarh

Solid Works Course

SolidWorks presents software that enables a 3D CAD version to develop products in 3D with ease. With millions of inbuilt designs, the task of compiling and assembling a product becomes very much easier using the tools that are offered. Basically, it helps to get a product, with a detailed workflow describing each and every dynamic of it’s built. With a collaborative environment, one can modify the elements and also keep a check on the evolving changes. All in all, it helps to provide a user –friendly platform for envisaging ideas and giving it a form

Why learn Solid Works?

The world is demanding 3D models and the best you can give back is by modelling work using SolidWorks. It helps nubile as well as experts to effectively create an animation with their concepts giving a deeper insight into the model. In addition, one can check, visualize the items, collaborate them, analyze their tolerance capacity and do a lot more. With the knowledge of SolidWorks, one can easily master the skill and carve a special place in the competitive market.

Our course overview

SolidWorks course is designed keeping in mind an amateur, who can easily grasp the concepts. Modules start with basic concepts and slowly reach advance level with professionalism. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, an in-depth application of the inbuilt tools along with other items is illustrated to help the students get hands on experience in this domain. Our resources are highly-skilled and deal with each and every individual’s queries with ease.

Some of the highlights of our course are as follows:

  • 3D modelling- Helps to create animation in a few clicks.
  • Costing- Helps to analyze the overall cost of the product design.
  • Collaborative approach – to get an in-depth idea about the part and assembling of different items.
  • Tolerate analysis- To analyze the tolerance capacity of the different items of the product.