Revit Course In Chandigarh

Revit Course

Revit is Building Information Modelling (BIM) software that deals specifically with modelling and design of buildings in 3D version and then accessing data from the output result. An ideal tool for Structural Engineers, Architecture and Construction Contractors, the software helps in designing buildings with a high level of accuracy and supports as a tool to get the technicalities right.

Why learn Revit?

Revit software helps to design and model a building keeping into account the various tit-bits enabling a coordinated form of design. This tool helps to generate diverse kinds of models, generate data, document designs and compare different models. All the more, this can be accessed by more than one person and hence acts as a platform for collaborative work. Placing a concept into construction plan becomes easier with this BIM software.

Our course curriculum:

We aim to reach out to the students the software from the basics to the professional level ensuring a holistic approach in training the individuals. Our courses are managed by highly skilled resources which have years of enriched experience in dealing with the Revit software. Further, the courses are so designed that they have the right blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge, giving a platform for the students to have hands-on experience to deal with real life problems. In addition, we also offer case studies from industries to illustrate the usefulness of this software in dealing with complex situations. In a nutshell, after completing the course, one will find oneself adept in the following domain.

  • Design- Detailed designing of any building including generating data and using the BIM model to design each and every element like the staircase, railing, HVAC elements, ducts, pipes, plots and the general building. The tool makes it easy to edit the design ensuring an easy customization process.
  • Analysis- Detailed analysis is possible using BIM, which helps to analyze the tiniest of element keeping in mind the safety factor. Various kinds of analysis are possible like the structural analysis, energy analysis and the material analysis for performance.
  • Visualization- The Revit software helps to visualize the elements in the building clearly and conspicuously with different tools helps in viewing angles to get a better visual effect. A realistic view can be got from the 3D modelling.

Our course is strategically designed to take you from one level to another ensuring you master all the concepts and reach to the point of professionalism with ease. Our Revit course is accompanied by certification to add to your skill set.