Pro E Course In Chandigarh

Pro/E Course

Pro/E is a course, which is specifically designed for the engineers and designers explicitly dealing with products. This tool helps to develop the design for a particular product in 2D/3D version along with analysis and simulation to meet the requirements of the trending market. With the help of Pro/E, one can design with accuracy, covered to minimize errors and reduce the concept of re-working. It helps the end Product Designers to analyze the product and get an overview of its perception.

Why learn Pro/E?

By learning Pro/E, you learn to master the art of designing a product. Basically, it helps to give shape to ideas, which can be fed to software in various formats such as Microsoft Word and ECAD drawings to name a few. The easy conversion of 2D models to 3D version helps to get a real-time visualization and simulation of the products, which is quite in demand these days. Bottom line, Pro/E develops your creative skills along with opening a bright career option for you.

Course Overview:

Our course has been strategically designed covering the basic concepts, which are documented in user-friendly formats to help even beginners adapt to it quickly. Separate segments are allocated for the theory and the practical application. The theory is illustrated with codes and examples to get an insight of how to use the concepts practically. Market-oriented projects are also assigned to help the students get a flavour of the current trends. The basic elements covered in our course are as follows:

  • 2D elements- Sketching, graphing and using the shapes to give the product a design in 2D format.
  • 3D element- Conversion of 2D to 3D along with modelling to help get a better sense of visualization and simulation data.
  • Simulation- Simulation of data can be done along with getting an idea of the total visualization of the product that enables end users to modify it with ease.