PHP/MySQL Course In Chandigarh

PHP/MySQL Course

PHP and MySQL are two elements which are essential tools for any Web Developer. PHP is an open server scripting language which is usually backed up by MySQL, the open source, relational database. Together, they help to develop the Website with an in-depth ground that helps in managing the backend data with proper codes. They are the core elements required for completing the application and enhancing the power to play with Web Designing as desired.

Why PHP/MySQL course?

To become an advanced level developer, it is important to have knowledge of the PHP scripting language along with the MySQL database. These tools help to develop a dynamic website, which is the demand of most of the E-commercial sites. All the more, Web developers have also extended their pangs in the mobile domain, and there can be nothing better than the PHP and MySQL database to implement the same.

Course Overview:

Our course contains two separate segments dedicated for PHP scripting and MySQL database management. Modules are developed that will navigate the students from simple concepts to advance codes. Each module is further supplied with certain codes for gaining practical experience and applying the techniques to get results. Intermediate course topics cover real time projects to give the experience of designing a Dynamic Website with the help of these tools and software. Several sample codes are provided to clear the concepts and special resources are allocated to clear the queries of the students. Our pool of resources, are highly skilled and qualified IT personals, who have years of experience in this domain. All the more, short cut techniques are provided from time to time, to give you that extra edge in the market.

By the end of the course, one would have mastered:

  • The basic codes and scripts of PHP and RDBMS.
  • Development of Websites for computers, laptops and mobile phones
  • Coding and application of database management
  • The art and skill of developing a dynamic website.